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MioSleep mattress


W140 × D200 × 22Hcm

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Good breathability and firm sleep

It has a Bonnell coil structure that firmly supports the body. Because the body does not partially drop, the sleeping comfort is firm and firm.
A 20mm foam is placed on the top of the mattress, making it comfortable to sleep, but the inside is firmly supported by a strong bonnel coil.

  • ボンネル
  • 高さ
  • ゾーン
  • 抗菌
  • 防臭
  • 吸汗速乾
  • 耐火

Mio SleepReasons for choosing Good breathability and firm sleep

Comfortable mattress to heal you

Mio SleepCommitment A more comfortable combination of original designs

  1. 1Exterior fabric

    Use a knitted fabric knitted with yarn instead of a bonded non-woven fabric.
    Uses antibacterial and durable fabric.

  2. 2Bonnell coil

    Coil forming technology provides durability and body pressure support, and a connected Bonnell coil provides a comfortable and comfortable sleep.
    It has good ventilation and is recommended for humid rooms.

  3. 3Base

    Using a 10mm foam and woven fabric, it has a stable finish that prevents bedsores.


For over 16 years, our factory (*) has consistently manufactured, researched and improved from the design of mattresses.
Mattresses that are too low or too high in repulsion cannot sleep naturally.
Health is good sleep.
Good sleep is a magical vitamin that is healthy and forever young.

* Factory refers to partner factories.

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