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MioSleep2 mattress


W98 × D200 × H25cm

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Create a comfortable sleeping according to your body shape

The configured layer is simple. However, be sure to check the quality because it is simple. The gentle sleeping comfort of Mio Sleep II allows you to simply enjoy the goodness of a pocket coil mattress. Designed to be thick enough to sleep without worrying about the floor.

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Mio SleepReasons for choosing Create a comfortable sleeping according to your body shape

Comfortable mattress to heal you

Mio SleepCommitment A more comfortable combination of original designs

  1. 1Exterior fabric

    We use antibacterial and durable knit fabric. I put diamond-shaped stitches on a white background to create a clean finish.

  2. 2Buffer layer

    Durable soft foam is placed on the upper and lower layers of the pocket coil to prevent the coil from reverberating even after many years of use.

  3. 3Pocket coil

    The coil is sewn so that it can move independently according to the experience and technology of the factory, so the body pressure can be distributed according to each person's body shape, creating a comfortable fit.

  4. 4Coil strength × arrangement Multiply

    By arranging the coils with different strengths at appropriate positions, the mattress has been turned into a mattress with a higher level of stability that supports rolling over.


For over 16 years, our factory (*) has consistently manufactured, researched and improved from the design of mattresses.
Mattresses that are too low or too high in repulsion cannot sleep naturally.
Health is good sleep.
Good sleep is a magical vitamin that is healthy and forever young.

* Factory refers to partner factories.

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