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Begining of your Dream
Always from confort Mio Sleep.

Resort hotel adoption results★★★★★

Functionalityand Good price balance

More Deep and Airily

A soft sleeping comfort born from
“Coil strength × Type × Arrangement”.

01.Sewing technology

Each piece is sewn by hand, and the final check is done one by one, so it looks beautiful.
Craftsman’s sewing technology supports myosleep.


By arranging pocket coils with different strengths, ideal body pressure distribution can be achieved according to the curve of the body.
In addition, this arrangement adjustment reduces sleep stress because it is easier to turn over.

03.Urethane foam

The optimal form of resilience provides excellent support and gently folds your body.
Since it is firmly supported by the entire surface of the foam, there is a sense of stability.

04.Pocket coil

Because the coils wrapped in each bag are arranged independently, the lying body is supported by “points”, giving you the most comfortable sleeping experience.

05.Bonnell coil

Spring that expands and contracts in the vertical direction is connected in the horizontal direction, and the coil supports the body on the surface.
It is characterized by moderately hard to sleep.

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